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No Ticking Time
Music: Siggi Björns, lyrics: Franziska Günther

Like in old ancient days
When a letter on its way
Needed weeks and months and years to arrive
You’re in some remote place
It could be mars or Milky Way
You’re in a tale with no space and no time

We’re too far apart like stars in the night
I promise I will find my way to you
I’ll wade through muddy water, I’ll capture a balloon
I’d steal a helicopter too

And I’ll wait for the life
When there’s no ticking time
It’s just you and I
And no ticking time, no ticking time

One day we will stroll
Through these streets and tell us all
About the years we didn’t spend side by side
If I had your number I would call
You right away and then install
My time machine, I’ll pick you up, just name a time

We’re too far apart …
And I’ll wait for the life …