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At The Break Of Day
Music: Siggi Björns, lyrics: Franziska Günther

The coffee’s cold
The soup stale
Why do they serve this anyway?
Strange old folks
We all look pale
We play at cards until we die some day

My life had colours
My life had sound
My love was like a hurricane
But no one bothers
And memories don’t count
No one is listening and I don’t complain

Let’s cut loose and leave this nameless grey
Put on your shoes and at midnight we’ll run away

At the break of day we’ll run along the shore
Like kids at play we’re still longing for more
No we won’t wait for days worth living for
At the break of day

They set my clock
They plan my day
They tell me if I walk too fast
I played in bands
In dark cafés
But they detach you from your past

Let’s cut loose …
At the break of day …