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Raven On Your Roof
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther

I spill a bucketful of paint over your weary grey
And tell the raven on your roof to fly away
I will take you to the moon if that makes your day
I’ll make all the flowers bloom and I will sing you serenades

I give your wings a groove and I will watch you fly
And tell the raven on your roof that you will be fine
And I can hold you close if you need to cry
Take off your winter coat and I will help you come alive

Oh move on, baby move on, I won’t leave you behind
And the raven on your roof will soon be out of sight
Oh move on, baby move, after darkness comes the light

I search for green grass in the snow and switch on northern lights
And tell the raven to let go of this black and white
I would catch the falling leaves and paint you sunny skies
Let me find the thief who took your crown and childlike smile

Oh move on …

But there you sit and sing the blues and don’t hear me smile
And the raven on your roof chases off the light
You’re having rendezvous with demons of the night
My spirits are with you but shall I keep on trying?

Move on …