1. City Madness

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City Madness
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther

Jump out of bed and now hurry up, catch this train
Run through the rain while pigeons hobble past your way
You tumble downstairs, you always lose this race
Sleep is no hideaway at the close of busy days

Can’t you see my frown?
Can we just slow down?
I get sad, I get sad
I get mad in this city life

Traffic rattles and the sirens are going wild
Black dogs bark and a drunk yells at a weeping child
Pumping beats, my neighbour is getting high tonight
TV chatters back and forth with no rhyme

Can’t you see …

I’ll build a hut deep in the woods someday soon
I’ll swim in lakes naked in the midnight moon
And we will dance and we will sing a tune
No one’s around but the eagle owl and me and you

Can’t you see …