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Come Back To Bed
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther

Where do we draw the line?
How do we name that?
Ain’t it funny how life has made up its mind?
Oh I love what we have
Now won’t you come back to bed?

You’re making coffee in my tiny kitchen
You know it well
after all these years
I’m here in bed and still half asleep
I try to tell
Why you’re still here

It smells of croissants and orange juice
And here’s this bottle
Of chardonnay
I hear you sneaking, you’re trying to let me sleep
Are we in trouble
Or are we okay?

Where do we draw the line …

Maybe later if you have the time
We could stroll
Through the autumn sun
Reminiscing about our childhood life
When you stole
My cowboy gun
And we could explore that old ferris wheel
If you get cold
I can keep you warm

Where do we draw the line…