Songs We Didn't Write: (2019)
  • Songs We Didn't Write: (2019)
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Siggi Björns & Franziska Günther

We’ve been playing quite a few duo shows lately and people keep asking us for a CD as a souvenir to take home. So, in february 2019, during a gig week at Baltic Hotel Zinnowitz (Usedom) in Germany, we recorded a collection of songs we play together live. The hotel kindly offered us one of their conference rooms for the recordings. And when we picked up the keys, we found out that the room was named „Bornholm“. Like the Danish sunshine island where Siggi starts his 30th season this summer and where we’ve met years ago. So that fit perfectly. Here they are now, fourteen spontaneous live takes of „Songs We Didn’t Write“. We hope you enjoy them.

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